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Our Story

Welcome To Havana Carolina.

Havana Carolina Restaurant & Bar is not just a Restaurant, it’s not just a business: it’s an experience, it’s a feeling,  it’s Cuba in its essence.

The distinctive Cuban cuisine is a fusion of many varied elements of Native American Taino, Spanish, African, French, Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese spices and food techniques, with some Caribbean ingredients, bringing each unique dish to a complete different dimension.

The most important ingredient in each recipe is “love”.

If you go to a Cuban house and people are eating, they will ask you to sit and eat with them, the shortage and the difficulties are not important. There is a very popular phrase that says: “donde come uno, comen dos.”, which means: “Two can eat as cheap as one”.

Thus food is not just a culinary pleasure, it’s also a value, an identity, and a seal that define us.

Filete de Pescado Sol y Mar

Sun Beach Fish Filet


Cafe Havana

Milan Chicken Steak

Havana Sunshine Rolls


Salmon Salad


Cafe Varadero




Tostones a la Havanera



“Restaurant’s tostones are TO DIE FOR!

“I couldn’t believe the wait to be seated here, but after tasting their Roasted Pork, I get the wait!”

Local Eats

“The chef knows their way around Caribbean food; one of the best food spots in Concord.”

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